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System Administration & Support

Avoid the Fall: Support is Essential to Success

High quality, post “go live” support for your system is critical for ensuring long term success. Our programs are designed to keep your system running at its full potential as new features are released, new HR users are hired, and business requirements change.

Many clients choose to outsource their system administration to us rather than depend on a part time internal resource. A full-time resource is only needed for a short period of time and the skill-set and knowledge required is specific.

The vendor’s expectation is that you have a resource on your side that can do 80% or more of the system maintenance. The goal of the iCIMS Help Desk is to coach you on how to do many of the required tasks, but they will not provide hands-on solutions for your specific business. We partner with you to understand your business, the ultimate goal of your processes, and technology.

Our goal is to be your long-term partner. We offer both short- and long-term support options aligned with your budgetary requirements. Talent System Solutions is an ideal option to cover the administration of your system after implementation when your people have returned to the daily work that makes you successful.

Options include annual, quarterly, and monthly support. Talent System Solutions support services can include but are not limited to:

  • Ongoing and As Needed Services
  • Internal support for your system users
  • Consultations and configuration needs
  • Partner with integration vendors
  • Maintain dashboards
  • Report creation and maintenance
  • Inform and train novice and advanced users
  • Educate and create rapid adoption of new features
  • Consult on areas of potential improvement
  • Analyze system for proper usage and maintenance
  • Review of quarterly system releases
  • Yearly system operation check review