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Talent System Solutions Approach

Expert Consulting and Support for iCIMS

Talent Systems Solutions (TSS) personally designs for you a clear strategy to build, implement, manage, and support your iCIMS platform. We provide expert and consistent service for every stage of the process from training, maintenance, problem solving, and vendor relations.

Our flexible approach to iCIMS services allows you to personalize the scope of development and support that you need to fit your business plan, personnel, and budget.

We strive to make things go right from the start and are ready to step-in when you need assistance. In every business, personnel change positions through promotion, have changing duties, or leave to pursue other career options. All too often, these changes leave knowledge gaps that, left unattended, can have catastrophic long-term effects on the bottom line. In these inevitable cases, TSS is your safety net.

We take pride in your success! Here is what we do for you:

  • We are your advocate. We understand the needs of your company and the language of the iCIMS platform
  • You have complete and consistent access to our full range of ATS and IT experts without additional on-site staffing. You have no additional overhead for additional ATS and IT employees
  • We are trainers and facilitators in Applicant Tracking Systems. We can assist in everything from concept to strategic intervention in your iCIMS platform
  • We work to support you in defining your company’s needs so that iCIMS can better serve you
  • We facilitate your employee advancement and turnover by mitigating knowledge loss
  • Your application and employment process are protected from system decay, keeping your web presence fresh and compelling for new talent