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About Us

Who we are

System Support for Implementation, Optimization,and Maintenance in iCIMS

Talent Systems Solutions (TSS) reduces Human Resource operating costs and protects your personnel and system investments in iCIMS. Our unique experience in process design, systems development, and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) management empowers us to assist you at any stage of the process.

As a boutique firm, Talent Systems Solutions cares about our clients and are committed to a personal relationship tailored to our client’s needs. When you call us, you are speaking to us—not to an outsourced help desk that you have never worked with before. Our support specialists are dedicated to specific clients and understand the history of your company and can anticipate your needs.

TSS has a plan for you at every phase of your recruitment journey. We understand that Applicant Tracking Systems often suffer from a lack of coordinated support after implementation due to disconnects between outsourced IT services and changing in-house user abilities and shifting duties as companies change and expand.

TSS provides continuity in the implementation and daily use of your iCIMS platform. We ensure that our clients are protected from the loss of information and outdated, nonfunctional systems that need to be redesigned, often at great cost to your business and a loss in productivity.